Boards on Quabbly is where users can input and store record data in an organised way. It's the foundational block for organising work processes. In terms of structure, these boards are made of fields and records.
Where fields (in various types) are represented as columns and Records are represented as rows.

Overall, there are four operations you can perform on Boards and that includes: Create, Read, Update, and Delete.
All of these operations come in two categories of Query and Mutation.

The create, update and delete operations are organised under Mutation while read operation falls under Board Query category.

Board Operations

Generally, the operations you can perform on Quabbly boards include Mutation and Query. Based on GraphQL structure, each of these operations takes Arguments and fields when querying data on the platform.

and all variables involved.

Here's a general structure of Board Mutation


createBoardDTOThis is an object value that allows data input for Board creation. It comes with variable properties such as
name !string
description string
size: BoardSize enum {SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE}
parentBoard: string

from which it accepts data inputs.
updateBoardDtoAllow you to make changes or modify properties of a board. It comes with the following variables to accept data inputs.
id !String
name !String
description String
size: BoardSize enum {SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE}


Board FieldsDescriptionField support
id string returns a unique identifier for a board created
boardSecretoutputs all extra details about the board like name, description and the board sizeBoardSecret has object properties like
name : !string
description: string
createdByreturns a string value for creator of a board.
createdTimereturns time board was created.
lastUpdatedTimereturns the latest time properties of a board was updated.
disableCreatereturns a boolean true or false

Allows you to fetch data from your Quabbly account database.

boardIdThis is a board unique identifier which you can obtain as output upon board creation (part of board mutation).



πŸ“š Note

Same as the Fields under Board Mutations