Here you'll find handy documentation about Quabbly's Public API. Take a look and get started with some of its functionalities.

Welcome to Quabbly πŸ‘‹,
A business automation platform where you can manage all your business processes -- all with no code.

We provide an interface where business enterprise can get rid of monotonous processes. stay organised and remain productive.

With Quabbly API, developers can use of some Quabbly tools and functionalities to fast track their product developement.


Our Public API was built on Java and openly avaliable as GraphQL format. Currently it supports:

  • CRUD operations on Boards
  • CRUD operations on Fields
  • CRUD operations on Records
  • Add user by admin of an organisation.

To make use of the API you need to open an Administrator account on Quabbly App.
Once you got an account set up, visit settings page and generate an API key.
See Authentication for details.