Make your first Query

Authenticating with Quabbly API

Once you have your account set up, go ahead and generate an API key.
Check Authentication to learn more.

Using the API

If you are a new Quabbly user you may want to check our entire Help docs.
That way you get familiar with concepts like Board Groups, Boards, fields, records, dashboards and workflows.

These query operators are:

  1. type mutation
query {

  1. type Query
mutation {




Query works for READ operation to fetch data from database.
Mutation works with Create, Update and Delete operations to modify resource on your Quabbly account.

Also you need to pass in a special operation name and certain arguments to make a successful request.

Operation Name

The operation name is a meaningful and explicit name for your operation

query {
  fetchRecords() {}


Arguments can be of many different types. String e.g. boardId, Object e.g. CreateBoardDTO and even enum e.g. BoardSize.

query {
  board(boardId "abcdefgh") {

Requirements to make requests to API

  1. Use a POST method to send body payload in JSON format.
  2. Pass in api -key along with the header check the Authentication section.
  3. All queries (Query and mutation) should be placed in the JSON body

Here's a structure of how a graphQL query looks like

query{ #operator
   boards{#operation name

Here's an example of what the data response looks like. GraphQL returns the response in a structure similar to the request body.

    "data": {
        "board": {
            "id": "614cc5198d57e60001e17963",
            "boardSecret": {
                "name": "Sample Board 3",
                "description": "This is the thrid sample board",
                "boardSize": "medium"
            "colour": "blue",
            "icon": "smile"